Actress Jennifer Winged plays an obsessive lover in Sony’s “Beyhadh.”

MUMBAI—In a startling reprise of what happened between Sunil Dutt and Nargis on the sets of “Mother India,” a fire on the sets of “Beyhadh,” the new and talked-about serial, saw hero Kushal Tandon save leading lady Jennifer Winget. Luckily, both suffered only minor burns.

“The wedding mandap (pandal) was supposed to catch fire, but it went out of control,” says Tandon. The eerie similarity between the screenplay and real-life fire caught the two actors by surprise, and Winget, who was not prepared for such a situation, froze in the mandap and was surrounded by fire.

Tandon used his presence of mind and saved her from the situation. In an Instagram post, he mentioned that none of the action directors came to rescue Winget.

He put a long caption on a video, stating, “It’s actually so cliched, you save a girl from fire. I have always watched and imagined it as a scene, but it actually happened. I am laughing watching myself run both the times while I am on my way back home. But I was terrified that time. I don’t know what all was going on in my mind. It is sad that not a single action director came to rescue that girl. Thank you God for giving me the strength and the ability to think at that time to run and get her first because she just froze. And the day’s end, much love to all.”

A shaken Winget later said that she was glad no one was hurt. Her outfit was made from inflammable material and she thought one of the action directors would save her with fire-fighting equipment. “Thankfully, Kushal saved me. Another five minutes and I would have been engulfed in flames,” she stated. Tandon confessed that his instinct told him to run and save his life, but that he got the strength to rescuer his helpless co-star.

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