MUMBAI—18 contestants, 100-plus days of isolation from the outside world and ONE promise: “Padosi Aa Rahe Hai Bajane Barah (Neighbors are coming to make life hell)!

The 11th season of “Bigg Boss” is all about loving thy neighbor. Incorporating a never-seen-before twist this season, “Bigg Boss” is set for another extraordinary season. The Padosis are all set to take over television screens as 18 contestants, some celebrity, and some commoners, charge towards their new home for the next few weeks.

The 19,400 sq. ft. set in Lonavala will include some elements that highlight the fun that’s in store for the contestants during their action-packed journey. Designed by Omung Kumar, the house is filled with larger-than-life elements, 90 cameras and hidden nuances that will keep the contestants engaged till their last day. Much before the contestants step into the infamous “Bigg Boss” house, here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store!

Welcome to the world of Pop Art!

With the first look of the house, we see vibrant and bright colors, offset to contrasting monotones. Bringing alive the theme of pop art, various elements in the house are designed with vintage comic-themed images.


Things aren’t always pretty the right side up and the “Bigg Boss” House is a true testament to that fact. Going against the rules of Vaastu, elements are placed in a manner that defies and oppose the very core of that ideology. Couches are specially designed to look as though stuck in imbalance, and a telephone booth has been turned on its side, adding another sofa to the expansive space.

It’s Abstract!

Buttons are normally sewn onto clothes, pencils used to write and number plates put on cars – but not in the “Bigg Boss” House, where walls are covered with large colorful buttons; pencils form photo-frames, and number plates make for a table top.

Round-table conference!

For ten seasons, contestants had to communicate, rather awkwardly, while seated on a rectangular dinner table. But this year, contestants can have their roundtable conferences as angels float above them, watching their every move.

Fight, Fight & Fight!

What better place to show your physical strength than an actual ‘akhaada’ (wrestling arena) built right in the middle of the living space! Whatever be the reason for this, the ‘akhaada’ is bound to see serious fights never witnessed before in the history on “Bigg Boss.”

Eco-Friendly Bathrooms!

While numerous friendships make or even break in the bathrooms of “Bigg Boss,” this year will be all about ‘Jungle Me Mangal’ as every corner is covered in green! With grass on the walls and the doors, one gets a feeling of relieving themselves in the palms of Mother Nature.

The world is watching!

Taking the logo of “Bigg Boss” to a new realm, the confession room is designed in a manner that brings alive the true feel of the show. Covered with pop art-themed eyes, the room signifies that while “Bigg Boss” himself has his eyes on you, so does the world!

Fear the Kalkotri!

The most interesting element this year though, would be a newer version of the much feared ‘jail.’ This season the contestants are going to think ‘gyarah’ (11) times before breaking any rule because there is an underground prison built on one side of the lawn area; with no fans and an accompanying Indian loo!

The ‘Padosi’ house!

Bringing alive the essence of the theme ‘padosi’ (neighbor), there is a separate house built in which our contestants will be staying as neighbors. This is certain to bring in lots of twists and turns in this “Bigg Boss” Season 11 journey. The house is a comfortable space decorated in pastel shades to create a cozy feel. Despite the subtle, subdued hues, the house has many quirky pieces of art.

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