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Kunal Kapoor and Sandip Soparrakar.

After the successful run of celebrity chef Kunal Kapur’s show “My Yellow Table,” NDTV Good Times is back with the second season of the series. Season two starts off with celebrity guest, ballroom dancer and Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar cooking and dancing along with Kapur, a press release reported. 

This opening episode of “My Yellow Table” promises to be one of the most entertaining ones so far, filled with loads of fun and dancing. Kapur will be seen impressing the renowned choreographer with his super interesting menu of Grilled Paneer Tapenade, Italian Pulao, Berries with Grape Juice Jelly and Granita of Grape Juice. In turn, the graceful dancer will thank the chef for his generosity by teaching him a few fun-filled dance moves.

You definitely don’t want to miss this exciting food and dance-filled episode, where Soparrkar speaks of his hotel management days and how he shifted his career from being a chef to a professional dancer.

Kapur, in a press release, said “It was a pleasure to have Sandip Soparrkar on my show. His personality is so charming that one can’t take their eyes off him. He is not only an accomplished dancer but a wonderful person and a good cook too, which is a true sign of a complete man.”

The concept of the show “My Yellow Table” is to create Indian food with a twist in the ingredients with a hope of convincing viewers that cooking is not rocket science, and everything that tastes good does not have to be complex.

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