MUMBAI— Premiering on Nov. 27 on Sony Entertainment Television, “Porus” aims to be the first global TV series made in India, according to the channel.

350 BC is when India was one of the richest countries in the world, “contributing significantly to the world GDP” (!), with its trade relationships, prosperity and culture, and was aptly called the Golden Sparrow. “Porus” is an ode to that glorious era.

The series is written and directed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. The show will not only redefine television content but will also set new benchmarks in script and narratives, artwork and visuals, production design, costumes, characterizations and performances. To be shot in multiple locations across the world, with the biggest sets ever created, “Porus” will offer the viewers a complete visual extravaganza by recreating different worlds of ancient India and Macedonia, in addition to the water transport routes of yore.

The show will depict the story of the greatest conqueror of the world, Alexander, and the spirited defender, Porus, who resisted the first attack on Indian soil by Alexander. The chronological narrative will trace the journey from the birth to the epic battle of these two legendary warriors born on the same day but raised with completely different upbringing.

Laksh Lawani plays Porus, and Rohit Pareek is Alexander. The rest of the cast includes Rati Pandey as Anusuiya, Aditya Redij as Bamini, Suhani Dhanki as Laachi, Praneet Bhatt as Darius, Vishal Patni as Farus, Aman Dhaliwal as Shivdutt and Chirag Jani as Darsyu, to name a few.

Other prominent talents on board include National award winner Chinni Prakash, who has choreographed an intriguing dance sequence with 400 dancers, a first on Indian television, renowned action director Tinu Verma who will not only train actors but also design the action sequences, Nung, the international action director of “Bang Bang!” and “Ready” fame, for action sequences, shot overseas, dialogues writer Vinod Sharma and Kabir Lal, the DOP of the show.

Said Danish Khan, executive vice-president, and business head, Sony Entertainment Television, “India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has a rich legacy of literature, philosophy, culture, stories and heroes. We believe it is important to revisit our glorious past and that it is relevant to understand the value system of a civilization that has not just survived but has prospered. We believe the stories of our past heroes will inspire our future generations. We believe it is time for the world to know and appreciate the richness of Indian civilization. ‘Porus’ is an attempt to bring that glory, those heroes on our television screen, to India and the globe. We are delighted to partner with a creative visionary Siddharth Tewary, who has done an outstanding job.”

Tewary, founder and chief creative, Swastik Productions, said, “We have always believed in creating content that we strongly believe in. Content that is rich, uncharted and world-class. Our shows reflect our passion, creativity and hard work and every time we weave in a new story, we make it a point to go several notches up from our previous creations. For “Porus,” we spent a lot of time of pre-production, diction, training and recreating the golden era. A lot is riding on us given that we own 100 percent of Intellectual Property Rights of “Porus,” a first in the history of Indian television. We are grateful to Sony Entertainment Television for backing us in taking this big bold step.”

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