Salman Khan-Dus Ka Dum

Mika Singh (right) with Maneish Paul (left) on Salman Khan's show "Dus Ka Dum." (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Sony Entertainment Television’s “Dus Ka Dum – Dumdaar Weekend” is set to pack in a maha-punch of entertainment this coming weekend, As the host of “Indian Idol 10,” Maneish Paul, visited the sets of the show along with his close friend Mika Singh as guest players. Needless to say, what followed was entertainment unlimited.

While the game was on, a question was asked, “How many percent of Indians are scolded by policemen for romancing in public?” To this, before the two could answer, host Salman Khan had a perspective that demonstrated the evolved thinking of Khan’s family.

The actor went on tell the audience that while most people get very experimental with their romancing spots – some prefer public gardens, some parking lots and some a great evening view by the seaface – he has always stayed away from such public display of affection, because of his father, Salim Khan. He said that his father has always been against such clandestine meetings. He had always clearly instructed Khan to spend as much time as he wants with his girlfriends, but the meetings had to be in their house. The same instruction had to be followed by his sisters as well.

Elaborating further, he said, “It is very sad to see couples spending time with each other in public places. These couples are helpless as there are around eight to ten people in a small house and these youngsters cannot afford to book a hotel room (!!) as society takes it in the other way. My father gave me a clear-cut instruction when it came to girlfriends. If we have any good woman or man in our lives, we should first tell their parents and not hide anything from them. He has given us the right to take the decision on whom to marry and whom not to marry.”

This revelation by one of the most romantic on-screen actors made the guests and audience extremely appreciative of Salim Khan for sharing this advice with his kids on relationships being open and transparent.

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