MUMBAI— “Yeh Khel Hai Anumaan Ka, Salman Ka Aur Poore Hindustan Ka (this is a game of estimation, of Salman Khan and the entire nation)!” This is the tag-line for “Dus Ka Dum” premiering Jun. 4 on Sony Entertainment Television and hosted by Salman Khan. On Indian television, it has been the biggest game-show after “KBC.”

When Salman Khan, asked “Kitne Pratishat Bharatiya Yeh Chahate Hain (How many Indians want this?)” with his inimitable style and charisma, he got the entire nation hooked. That was in 2008. The show, which saw the debut of a superstar on Indian television, returns after nine years. It will give an opportunity to millions among the common man to test their powers of observation.

Staying true to the tagline, “Dus Ka Dum” packs a punch with its riveting format, new ‘madats’ (assists) through the three rounds and a lot more interactivity. Even before its launch, it has registered a whopping 1.5 million people taking part in its survey on the SonyLIV app, giving people an opportunity to audition for the show and stand a chance to play the game on television.

The format is simple and appealing, giving participants ample time to interact with their beloved star as well as to revel in their victories. The first round will see two participants compete through “5 Ka Punch,” which is a knockout round. The player who answers at least three questions correctly out of five, moves to the next round, while the other contestant gets knocked out.

Each question in this round is worth Rs. 20,000 and the contestants will get 15 seconds to lock the estimated percentage on their respective screens. The madat (assist) available in this round will be Strategic Timeout where the contestant can consult with their families to arrive at an answer. But the eliminated contestant will not go empty-handed!

The second round is called “10 Guna Dum,” wherein the participant stands a chance to multiply the earnings from round one to Do Guna, Chaar Guna, Cheh Guna, Aath Guna or Dus Guna (two to tenfold). The contestant has to set an estimate window on the ‘India Meter’ instead of an absolute percentage number. The madats (assists) available in this round are – Andaza Apna Apna, where the contestant can take help from studio audience and Dumdaar Daayra, where the obsolete bracket on the India Meter will be disclosed, making it a lot easier for the participant.

While the contestant must play all the five questions, a minimum of three right answers in this round leads the contestant to the last and final round which is aptly titled Super Sawaal. This is the most edgy and nail-biting stage in the game. The correct answer gives the contestant 10 times the amount earned in the second round. But the wrong answer will leave the contestant with only 10 percent of the amount won. However, the contestant can choose to quit the show if in a dilemma and claim the money won in the second round.

Sony Entertainment Television (SET) revolutionized the way content was consumed by introducing the second-screen engagement during “Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)” – which was the biggest in the world. 30 million users registered for KBC Play-Along and around 3.5 million concurrent users played-along for every “KBC” episode, setting a global benchmark.

Taking the success and the scale of the second screen initiative a step further, “Dus Ka Dum” aims to become the most interactive television show in the world. Through the SonyLIV app, the engagement with the audience will happen in three phases viz. ‘Survey,’ leading to ‘Audition’ and ‘Play Along’ once the show launches. It is a first in the history of world television that viewers’ insights received will form the backbone for the content in the form of probable questions on the show. Also, users get to keep availing exciting prizes with the Play Along on the SonyLIV app, once the show goes on-air.

Produced by Big Synergy, this new season boasts of an all-new format re-designed and developed by the in-house creative team of Sony Entertainment Television (SET) and Sony Pictures Television, UK. With its Television + Digital approach, the show promises to deepen engagement with the viewers.

NP Singh, CEO, Sony Pictures Networks India, noted, “‘Dus Ka Dum’ is a format re-envisioned by our in-house creative team and Sony Pictures Television, UK. The advent of second-screen, pioneered by Sony Entertainment Television during ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (KBC) last year, has revolutionized the way content is consumed. This time round, the number of respondents (about 1.5 million) to the ‘Dus Ka Dum’ survey on our SonyLIV app, has been an eye-opener. This data not just highlights the popularity of the show, but also highlights an evolved consumption pattern in the audience. Along with an interesting format, Play Along will provide an opportunity to people at home to be part of the gameplay. Furthermore, I am delighted to welcome Salman Khan back on Sony.”

Danish Khan, EVP and business head, added, “‘Dus Ka Dum’ is an extremely relevant and interesting show format for a heterogeneous country like India. It celebrates the power of observation, life experiences and informal education – therefore, it is a game for almost everyone in India. It is truly a game of the common woman and man – it doesn’t bind the contestants by filters like their educational, social or economic backgrounds. Anyone who has experienced life with an open mind stands a chance to be a winner here. To add to that, Salman Khan, whose appeal is beyond boundaries, is perhaps the most suited to bring this game alive. His easy charm and ability to connect with common man and woman makes for a riveting television experience.”

Salman Khan declared, “The show marked my debut on television and will always stay close to my heart. I am happy to return with this show after nine long years! I feel a lot richer with the experiences shared by the participants on the show and the everlasting love of my fans.”

Khan revealed that back in 2008, he was scared to reveal his real self on television as his image was not reputable at the time. But today, he is happy to back with the revamped version of the show and more comfortable with the audience. “Then, I thought, let’s do this. I felt that television is the most powerful medium around, I asked my father whether I should do it because there will be the common man. I was scared of being me or who I am,” Khan said. His father Salim Khan’s advice then was, “This is what you are. Go and show the world who you are. If you’re accepted, it will be okay. If not, then change yourself.”

“On the television show,” he went on. “I acted the way I would I do in real life. People accepted me the way I am because they got to know who I am. I have enacted many roles in films, and people started knowing me as Prem or Sameer. But after I started my career on television people knew who Salman was! That’s why I tell stars to feature more on TV. It was then that I realized its power.”

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