Sanjeeda Sheikh and Keith Sequeira star in Star Plus' upcoming show, "Love Ka Hai Intezaar." (photo provided)

He belongs to a royal family in Rajasthan. She belongs to Mumbai’s glamor industry. He has inherited success with talent and power, while she is at the zenith of her stardom. He is a righteous prince who wants betterment of his people while she is the queen of Bollywood who is still a simple girl at heart. Will they find a true soulmate in each other? This unconventional romantic saga between Maharaja Madhav Singh (Keith Sequeria) and Bollywood superstar Kamini Mathur (Sanjeeda Sheikh) will unfold on Star Plus’ new show, “Love Ka Hai Intezaar.”

The show is supported by a stellar cast. Acclaimed actress Soni Razdan makes a comeback to television after 10 years. The show includes popular television and Bollywood actors like Preetika Rao, Sara Arfeen Khan, Khalid Siddiqui, Shishir Sharma, Yogendra Tiku and Natasha Rastogi, among others.

With Siddharth P. Malhotra as the producer and creative associations ranging from national award-winning story-writer Nina Arora of “Page 3” fame, screenplay writer Arshad Syed to dialogue writer NiranjanIyenger, who recently penned “Ae Dil Hai Muskil” and creatively led by Shashant Shah, the director of “Dasvidaniya” and “Chalo Dilli,” this show boasts of a list of highly acclaimed names from Bollywood.

This is the first time a story around Bollywood will be portrayed on television and it is crafted by people who understand the industry well. With song composer Sandesh Shandilya and production designer Priya Suhas, “Love Ka Hai Intezaar” has already raised the bar.

The show traces the story of two strangers who are misfits in their own worlds, gradually falling in love with each other. As their lives intermingle, this unique story line explores the myriad emotions that surface in any relationship.

The story opens with Kamini Mathur, a talented actress who is at the peak of her career. For the world, she is a Bollywood diva but in her personal life she is just a simple girl. Born to an IAS father and artist mother, Kamini has her middle-class values firmly in place. Just like an ordinary girl she loves the simple things in life like sleeping on her mother’s lap, fighting for the last piece of chocolate or enjoying bike rides with the wind rummaging through her hair. Hard working but uncompromising towards her values and talent, she struggles to find true love amidst men who are lured only by her fame and beauty. She doesn’t dream of luxuries, wealth or fame but of finding that one right person who would see and appreciate her inner beauty instead of her stardom. Her search ends when Madhav enters her life.

Maharaja Madhav Singh is a righteous, down to earth, simple man. He is an ideal king and son who fulfils his duties well. He is the prince charming that any girl would wish for. As the Maharaja of Rajgarh, Madhav is constantly surrounded with royalties and luxuries but he also appreciates the small things in life. He has a penchant for art and has an artistic side to his personality. A romantic by heart, his mind wanders towards a soulmate who would love him for his values and not for his royal status.

“‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar is a concept very close to my heart, said Siddharth P Malhotra, the show’s producer. “Everything about this show is full of love right from the title to the story line to the characters. I am extremely happy to team up with Star Plus yet again. The channel has always been a great platform for my shows.”

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