TV-Prithvi Vallabh

Actor Jitin Gulati had to go through ten look tests to get his hair correct for Sony Entertainment’s show “Prithvi Vallabh.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Banker-turned-actor Jitin Gulati is seen playing Sonarika Bhadoria’s brother on Sony Entertainment’s show “Prithvi Vallabh.” He brings charm and ease in his character and feels blessed to be a part of the show. While actors have to go through a lot of look-tests, Gulati had to go through the same. His costumes passed the test, but his hair look that had to go through about ten look tests. The actor posed with a bun and also with open hair in order to support the ‘mukut’ (crown) and ensure it did not come off while doing scenes.

Said Gulati, “To get my hair look correct, the look tests were necessary. It was important to get it in right proportions.” But in another incident, the actor was doing a serious scene, which required him to faint. This turned out to be a funny incident as his wig came off and he did not understand why everyone on the sets was laughing!

“The wig gets loose sometimes when doing war sequences sitting on a horse as it gets hot. But this one time, we were shooting a very intense sequence that required me to faint. While I was deeply involved in the scene, I heard a lot of giggles around me, and that’s when I realized that the wig actually got stuck in the actress’ jewelry while I lay there with my eyes shut. It took me a some time to understand what actually happened. It was quiet funny.”

Hair-raising indeed!

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