TV Siddhivinayak

Nitin Goswami and Neha Saxena play the lead characters in &TV's newest show "Siddhivinayak." (photo provided)

MUMBAI— &TV now offers its newest fiction offering “Siddhivinayak.” Termed a passionate hate story, “Siddhivinayak” is set against the backdrop of the Hindi film industry and is about an upcoming actor, Vinayak Kundra (Nitin Goswami) who is the son of a famous producer, and a junior dancer, Siddhi Joshi (Neha Saxena). The only thing common between Siddhi and Vinayak is their mutual feeling of hatred. This hatred will distance both Siddhi and Vinayak, but can it define destiny, asks the press release from the channel. Working together is a part of their profession, but hating each other with a vengeance has become the lead pair’s passion. It is hatred that will get them closer to each other, only to set them apart.

The show went on air Oct. 26 and will be shown weekdays. Produced by Studio BM, “Siddhivinayak” captures the essence of hatred and love and their power, with “Laati Hai Paas Door Jaane Ke Liye, Nafrat Hi Hai Bani In Deewano Ke Liye” as the tag-line of this show.

Rajesh Iyer, business head, &TV, said, “Love stories have always excited Indian audiences, and are integral to a GEC’s content play. Given the demand for such narratives, we thought of presenting a contemporary amalgamation of Bollywood (sic) and romance to the viewers with our latest offering.”

On portraying Vinayak’s character, Nitin Goswami said, “It’s intriguing to play the role of a superstar and live every man’s dream. The experience has been amazing so far. The way Vin balances his stardom and arrogance is something audiences will love to watch. “Siddhivinayak” is unlike anything I have ever seen on television and I am really excited to be a part of such an outstanding storyline.”

Neha Saxena plays Siddhi and said, “Siddhi’s character is that of an ideal daughter that every family desires. The fact that she is the bread-earner of the family never stops her from chasing her dreams as a dancer. The strong narrative of the show adds to the character of Siddhi, and viewers at every step will come across an interesting character trait. I am coming back with a bang and hope the viewers will enjoy and support my new journey.”

Popular actors like Manish Khanna, Utkarsha Naik, Anjali Gupta, Prithvi Sankala (as parents to Vinayak and Siddhi) and others are in the cast.

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