Kumkum Bhagya

Actors Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia play the lead in Zee TV’s daily soap “Kumkum Bhagya.” Photo provided)

MUMBAI—Ardent fans of Zee TV’s primetime soap “Kumkum Bhagya” have given it so much support that the show completed a “glorious” three years on Apr. 15. (If readers think this lingo is PR – It’s not! It’s a pure nostalgic throwback to those days when one read, in the film ads section of the newspapers, stuff like “Entering 25th Glorious Week at Royal Opera House”!).

The show has had consistently top viewership ratings thanks to the connect of its protagonists Abhi and Pragya and their chemistry. Leading lady Sriti Jha aka Pragya said in a Zee Media release, “I am immensely proud of ‘Kumkum Bhagya.’ Although every day is a celebration for us, the show has completed three years, and it’s a very proud and happy moment for us. The past three years have been all about collaborating creatively with a bunch of really talented, dedicated people and making a great show that truly connects. I am proud to be a part of this team, which has been a beautiful family for me. I feel fortunate to be a part of the show and look forward to continued love and support from our loyal audiences.”

Sriti also tweeted, “Thank you so much for staying with us for three years. It is indeed a very special show for the team. Thank you for celebrating for us.”

Currently, on the show, Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya have confessed their love for each other. But Tanu’s mother (Leena Jumani) plays a spoilsport. She is successful in convincing Abhi into marrying Tanu (!!!). Abhi hurts Pragya by telling her about his decision. Without saying a word, Pragya leaves the Mehra house, hurt and helpless. She tells her mother, Sarla, how she wishes to tell Abhi that he is married to her (!!!!), but cannot because she worries that his health might suffer.

Sarla asks her to forget Abhi and move on in her life. Pragya says that she has given up fighting with Tanu and her destiny. Now that Pragya has given up, will Dadi (her grandmom who had insisted she marry Abhi!) succeed in stopping Tanu’s marriage is the forthcoming storyline of the weekday show?

All we want to know that after (at least) some 750 shows or more if the story has progressed only up to (a film’s) interval point, when will the glorious plot conclude? As always, we are stunned by the continued imagination of the writers and the creative team in stretching a story to such limits, just because of good public feedback!

As a wag said, “TV and Biwi (wife) are two things no one can ever understand!”

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