Zee TV Bhootu

The cast of Zee TV's new show "Bhootu" features (left to right) Sana Amin Sheikh, Arshiya Mukherjee, Viraaj Kapoor, Akanksha Chamola and Sameer Sharma. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Meet Pihu, the friendly ‘bhoot’ (ghost). Join the 7-year-old adorable ghost in her quest for her mother in Zee TV’s and Essel Vision Productions’ weekday show “Bhootu” that launches next week.

Pihu loves to eat, play, laugh and love unconditionally like any other adorable child her age. She wonders why there is a garland around her photograph, considering that her mother had explained that it is done only for people who have passed away. She often feels left out as nobody seems to see or hear her.

Set in Lucknow, Zee TV’s next primetime fiction show introduces audiences to a cute ghost, who, blithely unaware of her death, is in search of her mother. So, powerful is the bond between Pihu and her mother, that even divinity bows to her innocent love and keeps Pihu company in the form of Bal Krishna, a constant companion and comrade in her quest.

In the loneliness that accompanies her invisibility, it is Bal Krishna who often pacifies her and keeps her in great spirits. With his divine intervention, Pihu soon meets a vibrant young girl, Shuchi, the only living person who will be able to see and hear her. Will Shuchi, with her ability to see and hear Pihu, be able to fulfill her dream of reuniting with her mother?

An adaptation of a very successful show on Zee Bangla by the same name, this show intersperses tender emotions with moments of light-hearted fun, drama. The title track of “Bhootu” has been composed by Pritam and sung by “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs contestant” Riya Biswas.

Arshiya Mukherjee will be seen as Pihu. Sana Amin Sheikh is Shuchi, an independent and responsible girl who helps her father financially. Viraaj Kapoor will be seen as Bal Krishna. Akanksha Chamola will essay the character of Pihu’s mother, Anindita Bose, and Pihu’s father Subodh Bose will be played by actor Sameer Sharma.

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