Amulya Ganguli’s recent opinion piece entitled “Mamata's Unity Efforts: Keeping Leadership Issue on Hold,” misses key points in the quest for an alternative to the BJP. At the same time, Ganguli has rightly identified a key mindset among Indians when he says, “The egos of individual leaders are also a problem, for none of them will be willing to concede the role of a leader to another.”

From more than 850 years ago, when Prithviraj Chauhan, the king of Ajmer who eloped with Sanyogita, the daughter of Raja Jaichandra of Kannauj, this ego out of sheer jealousy and intolerance of fellow Indians continue to dominate among our Indian leaders to this day. At that time, the father of Sanyogita had invited Mohmud Ghori by giving away the long-held secrets of the impregnable Khyber Pass land route access through the Himalayan mountain barrier to Ghori. In the end both Prithviraj and his nemesis died at the hands of Ghori.

Among the alternatives to the BJP one name was missing. That is the name of Captain Amarinder Singh, the current chief minister of Punjab. Amarinder Singh commands lots of respect among politicians and people of India. Unfortunately, the Congress high command wants only “yes” men who can follow the dictates of the Gandhi leadership. For example, during the Manmohan Singh tenure as PM, the government could have easily set up a $10 billion fund for the upliftment of the Dalits instead of pilfering it away to the EU which is dominated by developed countries.

V. Govindan

Roseville, Calif.

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