The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO blasts the GOP-backed tax bill, which the Senate passed with no Democratic support.

APALA national president Monica Thammarath stated: "What the Senate has done is a shameful move to pad the pockets of the wealthy 1% at the hands of America's working and immigrant families. In addition to providing massive tax cuts for corporations, the tax scam threatens public education and affordable care and will exacerbate the growing income inequality in this country. Let's not be fooled by this ploy of 'trickle-down economics’ – this is a power play of party politics to feed the insatiable corporate greed of the most powerful."

“When we look at who benefits most from the GOP tax bill, it's clear: wealthy, white men who continue to play politics that have dire and severe consequences on people's lives," added APALA executive director Alvina Yeh. "The tax scam is more than just a tax bill – it affects low- and middle- income, immigrant families who are already facing serious attacks with the ending of DACA and TPS. The administration continues to wage war on our communities based on class, race, gender, immigrant status, and we cannot let this reprehensible moment today define our country's values." 

"More than ever, we need to organize our communities to get the legislators who do not represent who we are as a country out of office for good. We refuse to work with the white supremacists in the Oval Office, and we remain committed to building political power for people of color throughout this country," concluded Thammarath.

Marian Manapsal


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