I cheer President Donald Trump’s very strong economic message of bringing back millions of jobs, putting America first again, and am very optimistic about the Trump administration, who see a president who is direct, pragmatic and practical, a fellow hotelier and businessman, a problem solver. The promises contained in the Trump campaign’s “Contract with the American Voter” began with “restoring honesty and accountability, bringing change to Washington with a pledge to “drain the swamp.” President Trump is daily blowing the conch shell, “Make America great again” and “America first.” The checkered flag has been waived as America is the dominant global economy and President Trump is writing history by winning as he is capable of the impossible. He sees the world and the problems in a way that other leaders don’t. President Trump is the man of the world re-building America that projects power to the world since the Pharaohs build the pyramids. He wants to be strong and decisive with dignity and prestige that evokes America’s heroic past. President Trump will uphold Article 1 of the constitution, “stable, profitable environment for private enterprise.”

The year 2017 has been a blockbuster year for investment gains. It started with a bang and a big win for Americans and the U.S. economy. Americans are getting rich and richer via the stock markets, real estate continuing to go throught the roof driven to an unprecedented degree by undiluted optimism. Fewer Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Consumer confidence is at the highest level and unemployment is almost at an over 17 years’ low, which will translate into employers paying more and raising salaries, bonuses and workplace benefits.

President Trump gave a Christmas present with tax cuts and increased government spending. Americans need to celebrate 2017 and cheer 2018 as the U.S. job force has one of the greatest “work martyr” working spirits, desire and will to advancement of sincerity and ingenuity known in the industrial world. We believe in ourselves. We believe in our work. We believe in America.

Sunil Tolani

Via E-mail

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