I am a senior citizen of India on temporary visits to my son, a resident of California and citizen of this country, having two sons studying at the elementary school level. Recently, while going through India-West, the letter from Dr. Richa Yadav on the concerned topic of Indian history in school textbooks drew my attention. As my two grandsons are expected to reach the level of studying history and social studies subjects in a few years from now, in a sense, I personally feel concerned about the issue. However, I was happy to learn that under your paper's initiative with the California Board of Education, the public concern of Indian Americans started making some impact.

As I am getting to know the topic midway, I hope the Advisory Panel comprises of competent dedicated persons / organizations having profound knowledge of Indian culture, history and religion and tradition of serving with no self-interest, not only for the Hindu religion but also for humanity. It is well-known in this country that almost 124 years ago, Swami Vivekananda landed in this country to spread the Indian culture and religion to the world. Since then, the Ramakrishna Mission, started by Swami Vivekananda, is fully active on a grand scale throughout this country, educating people on Indian culture and religion.

Though I am not formally associated with the Ramakrishna Mission, I hope this Mission has been approached and requested for extending their support and involvement in this Advisory Panel, since no better depository of experts can be thought of in serving India's cause on such a grave situation on a grand scale. Since the prospect of potential danger to the entire future progeny of Indian Americans in this country is so massive, if the Ramakrishna Mission is not involved so far, I know their inclusion in the panel is going to make a huge difference on the result.

Himansubhushan Ghosh

Fremont, Calif.

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