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Rahul Gandhi addresses a party rally in Dakor in the Kheda district of Gujarat Dec. 10. Gandhi was elevated to the position of party president Dec. 11. (IANS photo)

Newly-elected Congress party president Rahul Gandhi represents the new era and the future for the Congress party and the nation. Under his spirited leadership, the Congress party will renew its strength and the youth and dynamism will usher in a time of renewed hope for the people of India, and we want to convey our heartiest congratulations to Rahul Gandhi on the assumption of the presidency of Indian National Congress.

Rahul Gandhi’s empathy for the poor and the disadvantaged in the society and his pedigree in pluralistic roots will help to unite the disparate groups working together for the common goal of social and economic revival for every citizen of India. Indian Overseas Congress is ready and willing to help in bridging the Indian American diaspora with India’s developmental agenda to build a stable and prosperous country where its entire people may live in peace and harmony while striving to reach their full potential.

At this time, we also pay tribute to the capable leadership of Smt. Sonia Gandhi who steered the Congress Party for the past two decades, keeping it united while catapulting the party to power for two terms under the United Progressive Coalition. India will be ever grateful and may never forget her selfless act of renunciation of the most powerful office on the land for the sake of the unity of the people and the integrity of the nation.

George Abraham


Indian Overseas Congress USA

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