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Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas (right) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pose for a picture, during the latter's visit to the Palestinian Authority headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Feb. 10. Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit the occupied West Bank as part of a Middle East tour. (Nasser Nasser/AFP/Getty Images)

Many things are happening in a country we all call Mother India. The once indispensable Nehru Gandhi dynasty is in serious distress. The once invincible family is fighting for its survival as Sonia Gandhi has crowned her dear son Rahul Gandhi as heir to the throne. However, this not-so-young man who goes around the nation has proved nothing so far and he has made a kind of his own record for losing maximum number of elections in the history of India.

Rahul, since assuming office as Congress president, has scored so many self-goals and still he thinks he can challenge Narendra Modi and win a general election. He went to the Middle East and addressed a group of members of the Indian community there under GOPIO. He said India has gone so backward that it does in one year what China gets done in two days. He meets with the Chinese ambassador when Indian and Chinese armies are facing each other at Doklum. His assistants criticize the army as goons for using pellet guns in Kashmir.

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the dynasty which ruled India for nearly 60-plus years? It appears so. Let us see how many seats they have in the Lok Sabha: 40-plus. They have a few votes majority in the Rajya Sabha with their allies, but instead of getting their agenda passed, have resorted to obstructionist tactics that included heckling and making fun of the prime minister. They will soon be losing their majority in the Rajya Sabha as many are retiring and many newcomers are coming from BJP-ruled states and NDA states.

A tectonic shift has taken place in the world and the way they are looking at India with a dynamic Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the history of India, the Middle East has allowed the construction of a Swaminarayan Temple in Abu Dhabi. Israel, Russia, the U.S. and Japan have openly made statements saying, If China attacks India, all of them will fight with India against China. This never happened.

For the first time, a prime minister from Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who calls himself a good friend of Modi’s, made a six-day tour of India visiting important places and signing many defense contracts with India. For the first time as prime minister of India, Modi visited Palestine and was received well, and Palestinian President Abbas said Modi can help him towards solving the Israel Palestine issue.

As per the minister of transportation, Nitin Gadkari, an international highway connecting India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand will be ready by December 2018. Modi has become very popular in the northeastern states as many cities are getting connected by rail and air.

Modi is one single leader in India who is very popular and attracts massive crowds. As the BJP gets more states, it has helped the farmers, students, families of army people, and made transportation and taxation very easy. It is expected to win all over India again.

Sonia Gandhi, realizing the weakness of the party and non-charismatic son, who is an average speaker, has requested all the opposition parties to come to gather to take on the BJP and NDA. Having known the history of Congress and their practices of use and throw, many parties may not join their coalition and may come with their own small coalition. As more and more cases against Sonia, Rahul, Robert Vadra and Chidambaram are likely to be filed in the courts, it seems the last days of this dynasty have begun.

If Sri Sri Ravishankar succeeds in his efforts to get the Muslims withdraw their petition for a Ram Janam Bhoomi and an Ayodhya Temple gets built, and at the same time a mosque gets built in Lucknow, symbolizing the brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims, the Congress Party will cease to exist in India. 

Rangaesh Gadasalli

Harish Dhruv

Los Angeles, Calif. 

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