I would like to ask supporters of President Trump the following: that you consider suggesting to the president that he use the agencies under the executive branch to push engineering initiatives that can revolutionize the world and, incidentally, incline more people to vote Republican. These agencies are tremendous resources that can be exploited to great effect without Senate approval. I can cite six very low-cost initiatives that offer stupefying benefits. Offshore drilling may be considered good policy by some, but it will not sway one Democratic voter. However, great, non-controversial engineering initiatives can. And winning the next election is job number 1.

Nuclear reactors and rockets were invented 75 years ago, and yet to this day, they are, at best, disappointingly unaffordable. The nuclear industry is built on a submarine reactor design that is vulnerable to melting down and can only use 1% of the resource mined to fuel it. Rockets cost $1300/lb to put material in space. These performance metrics are absolutely terrible. However, it is within the president’s ability to cause to be built, reactors that cannot melt down, can be built for at least 10 times lower cost, and have no long term waste, and to build rockets that can put material in space for at least 100 times’ lower cost.

I would like to present engineering factual proof that rockets can in fact be built for $1 million and reactors can be built that cannot melt down. I am hopeful the president will be receptive to the claim that there are some really fantastic opportunities to do things smarter, faster, and cheaper. Going to the moon was great. Making it possible for anyone to afford to go the moon would be so much greater, and it would afford so much political capital.

Fighting against abortion or the media won't win over Democrat voters and make it possible for conservative principals to be implemented. However, fighting to replace reactors that can melt down with reactors that can’t, so that voters save 90% on their electric bill, can sway voters. Using the government to demonstrate a million-dollar rocket leading to an economic boom in space tourism and the opportunity for the working class to experience the exhilaration of space, is something that can sway voters and make reelection as a republican that much easier.

If Trump were willing to review a few, simple, one-page explanations, he would see that he can revolutionize the world before the next election simply by directing the activities of his executive agencies in a productive manner.

It is well known that the IT revolution was only possible because the cost of semi-conductors was reduced 10,000% and we are all very thankful for that revolution. Likewise, when rocket costs are reduced to $1 million, the world will experience an astronautical revolution. If America builds a million-dollar rocket, the economic boom and national wealth that results will be many times greater than any tax cut. In fact, cheap space flight might rival airline travel in a generation. Hopefully, it will be America that benefits rather than the Chinese.

If this suggestion to the president is well received, it is reasonable to think advantage will accrue to the messenger. Imagine the economic benefit if our country and state were to be the seat of an astronautical revolution that taps into 70 years of pent-up demand for space tourism.

Again, all I am asking is that you ask the White House to look at a few engineering facts. I am not asking that anyone believe me personally, I am just asking that someone look at some engineering facts. Smart people build complex systems. Smarter people make them simple.

Joe Archer

Professional engineer

Via E-mail

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