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Former U.S. Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton gestures outside the remains of the Hindola Mahal monument, part of an abandoned royal palace complex, while on a personal trip to the ancient city of Mandu in India's Madhya Pradesh state March 12. (Ishit Bawaniya/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaking in India at a conference in Mumbai, according to Hillary Clinton, Americans who voted for Donald Trump are racist, narrow and ignorant, and women supporters of Trump are not tough and modern but fearful and easily led. Democrats were usually identified as the party of the “common man,” the red in the middle, where Trump won.

Shame on you, Hillary, for blaming the voters of “backwards” parts of America who allegedly “didn’t like black people getting rights; don’t like women, you know, getting jobs; you don’t want to, you know, see that Indian Americans succeeding more than you are.” And calling Americans “deplorables” and blaming “white women” who supported Trump because they were too weak to stand up to “pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, whoever, believes you should.” You, Hillary, have defamed each and every American with your hate speech and excuse of losing the highest office.

Hillary, you are the only presidential candidate in recent history to lose popularity after a defeat; your supporters felt you spoke from your heart during the campaign, now they can see what’s inside. It turns out it is rather dark in there, crooked Hillary. All the women, men and children out there who regarded you as a "wonder woman," a woman who gained a reputation as a boundary pusher en-route to success, the highest office in land. must be ashamed of you. You did not take your humiliating defeat with grace and full responsibility, rather blaming it on almost more than half the American voters.

I firmly believe and so do most Democrats now that had Bernie Sanders ran instead of you, Hillary,he would have won hands down. Most Americans might not agree with what Trump says, but agree with what he is trying to do with his policies of ‘Make America Great Again’ and so have you indirectly with your speech in Mumbai.

With regards to India, you need India's energy to fight sexism, racism, and stand up for democracy, well, Prime Minister Modi is calling for a mass movement to protect the girl child in India with his flagship campaign, “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao." India itself has a long way to go on race and caste issues, women's gender equality, female infanticide, empowerment, dowry, respect and more. You, Hillary Clinton, are ignorant and out of touch with the reality of Indians as much as you were out of touch with hard-working American voters.

Sunil Tolani

Austin, Texas

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