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In this file photo, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) and China's President Xi Jinping shake hands before they hold a meeting in Xian, in China's Shaanxi province, May 14, 2015. (Kim Kyung-Hoon/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian and Chinese forces are facing each other not allowing one inch of space being taken by the other side. China, which does not recognize Bhutan and does not recognize the Bhutan treaty with India, wants to take over border areas around Bhutan to construct a road that will ultimately take it to Arunachal Pradesh and northeast India. China thinks India is still in the year 1962 and they can bulldoze the Indian army and take over the lands.

China is sending its artists, tourists and welcoming few Bhutanese students to start connecting to Bhutan whom they don’t recognize as a country. What are China’s intentions here?

China is testing the Indian prime minister’s patience and to see to what an extent he can stand up to them. A series of humiliating articles in the Chinese dailies on India’s defeat in 1962, and talk shows showing how strong China is when compared to India in military strength is, have become a regular daily feature. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh says the dispute will be soon settled with dialogue.

Why did this happen now? If readers can recall, during the sixties, Pandit Nehru, Nasser, and Tito were leading the non-aligned leaders taking on the west and the east. China attacked India and took over a large area around the Himalayas and India was not the same again. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going around the world making friends and bonding India with the USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel, Germany and France. India’s relations with Brazil and South Africa have also improved.

The Indian economy is doing better than China’s at this juncture. So, the only way China can stop India’s progress is to start a war and hurt the Indian economy. Will this work or will this backfire on China? As per experts in Southeast Asia, the Chinese moves may hurt China’s image and may even hurt the economy.

India has made exceptions and given Bramho missiles to Vietnam, which humiliated China in Cambodia after getting rid of the pro-China government in Cambodia. As more Japanese and South Korean investors are coming to India, China is getting the message.

It is hoped that China gets the message and stops its aggression and withdraws its forces. When North Korea with a few nukes and missiles can stop the USA from attacking its boundaries, China should know that India can really hurt China in many ways. India knows China has issues with the Philippines, Vietnam, western borders with Russia and all areas with a significant Muslim population. India under Modi can also take on China in many areas and teach unforgettable lessons to China. Hope China knows that we are in 2017 and not 1962.

Rangaesh Gadasalli,

Harish Dhruv

Los Angeles Calif.

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