Apropos a letter by Himansubhushan Ghosh, I wish to join with concerned people regarding the depiction of Indian history in school textbooks. A few years ago, a similar issue was debated and, in the end, the California Supreme Court declared that the Aryan Invasion Theory propounded by the British was a controversial proposition. The books affected were possibly corrected accordingly.

However, as original citizens of Bharat, we cannot leave the British theory as it is. If you read almost any book on the history of India in any language in the world, the first pages talk about the British-coined Aryan Invasion Theory.

In the last century there have been dozens of articles by reputed historians, archaeologists and other professionals challenging the theory. But so far, no movement has taken place to examine the issue by any reputed group of professionals appointed by the Government of India to study the issue and bring out a report that would either vindicate the British, or propose an authentic opinion based on available resources like archaeological findings and coinage or other reliable artifacts.

Krish Budhecha

Via E-mail

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