The Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network, a collaborative effort between immigrant, civil, and human rights organizations, labor, law firms, and individuals, to protect, defend, and serve immigrant communities, reacted with strong concern to news reports about a nation-wide immigration enforcement sweep conducted by ICE at more than 100 7-Eleven stores, including several in Southern California. The Raids Rapid Response Network says that such news reports of nationwide immigration enforcement raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, are deeply troubling.

The L.A. Raids Rapid Response Network is conducting its own assessment on what happened and it invites families and loved ones of those detained or affected by the raids in California to reach out for support, including consultation with an immigration attorney. The network's hotline is (888) 624-4752.

The Rapid Raids Response Network of Los Angeles is composed, partly, of the following: Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, ACLU of Southern California, National Immigration Law Center, One Justice, Public Counsel, Central American Resource Center, Advancement Project, AAAJ-LA, AFL-CIO, Alwardi Law, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA, Building Skills Partnership, California Labor Federation, Center for Community Change, Center for Popular Democracy, CIPC, CIYJA, Clean Carwash Campaign, CLUE, CODEPINK, CIVIC, American Indian Movement SoCal, Dream Team Los Angeles, California Dream Network, KIWA, Korean American Coalition, LA Voice, LAANE, Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic, Mathew 25, NDLON, NLG, PWC, SEIU-UHW, SEIU-USWW, UFCW 770, Union Counsel, UNITE HERE Local 11, Uplift, Roofers and Waterproofers Local 36, ROC-LA, Los Angeles Alliance for New Economy.

Jorge-Mario Cabrera

Communication director,

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

Via E-mail

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