The content and intensity of hate has been increasing in America; more so during the last few decades. Now the level of hate among various segments of the population, political parties, and within the parties is nearing the flash point.

Elections seem to be the cause of increasing hate that bears a direct relationship with the increasing amount of money spent in elections.

Love, hate, fear, distrust, blaming others for one's weaknesses, and desire to dominate others are innate sentiments in every human being. Under the current system, every election is an open season to fan/foment the negative sentiments of the voters. Since winning is everything, candidates struggle for 51% at any cost.

Divisiveness and hate-mongering is the DNA of our elections that often place persons in power unfit for the job.

To reverse the process of increasing hate, it is recommended:

 1. Eliminate elections at local levels and at select state and federal levels. Fill in the public positions by inviting applications from the qualified, interested persons and select them by luck of the draw, like selection of the Grand Jury members.

 2. Establish non-partisan election commissions with adequate powers to adopt and enforce rules/regulations for fair civilized elections free of fabricated facts and personal attacks.

 3. To assure wider base for the winner, require 67% votes instead of 51%.

T.S. Khanna

Alamo, Calif.

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