Aug. 4, 2017 marked the 88th birth anniversary of the ace Hindi film playback singer Kishore Kumar. It is impossible to list herein all the outstanding songs from Kishore Kumar's vast repertoire. So I list hereunder his songs that won him the coveted Filmfare Male Playback Singer Award, and his other achievements:

"Roop tera mastana" (Aradhana) 1969; "Dil aisa kisine mera toda" (Amanush) 1975; "O khaike paan Banaraswala" (Don) 1978; "Hazar rahein mudke dekhi" (Thodisi Bewafaii) 1980; "Pag ghoongroo baandh Meera naachi thi" (Namak Halaal) 1982; "Hamein aur jeeneki chahat na hoti" (Agar Tum na Hote) 1983; "Manzilein apni jagah" (Sharaabi) 1984; "Saagar kinare dil yeh pukare" (Saagar) 1985.

That is a record 8 Male Playback Singer awards, among a record of 27 nominations he had. He sang for himself in his films and intermittently for Dev Anand only until his first award, where he sang for Rajesh Khanna.

The very first playback singer nominations were for the films released in 1958 when both male and female nominees vied for the award. With films released from 1966 onwards, both the male and female playback singer awards were introduced. For films released in 1986 and 1987, Filmfare didn't give out any awards. Kishore-da passed away prematurely on Oct. 13, 1987 at age 58.

For the 1984 "Sharaabi" he had garnered all the four nominations. He was the only playback singer who yodeled amazingly and perfectly in such songs as "Nakhre wali" (New Delhi)1956, "Paanch rupaiyya, barah aana" (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi)1958, and "Chhota sa ghar hoga baadlon ki chhaon mein" (Naukri) 1954.

He is the only film personality who was a producer, director, actor, screenplay-writer, lyricist, playback singer and composer.

Kishore-da is still very fondly remembered by music lovers for his vast treasure trove of outstanding and varied songs.

Lalit Kumar Kotecha

Artesia, Calif.

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