If we take a look back at history, when man has always had tremendous power, he likes to bring others under his command. This is the reason why we have wars for wealth, land, possession and so on.

During the year of 1947, we witnessed the partition of India, forcing millions of people to relocate and take refuge in several other countries. 

However, the after-effects of the partition still linger on to this day. Places like the Middle East, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Myanmar experience consistent chaos. Innocent people suffer on a daily basis. 

 Only God truly knows when humanity will learn to live in peace and harmony. 

 Since 1947, India has seen a wide array of leaders. We've had some great leaders and some selfish leaders as well – many of whom have misused their power. These so-called "leaders" only wanted to help themselves, not the country. Almost 60 years were wasted in the wrong hands. 

Although India has had its fair share of negative leaders, today we stand high and mighty with the honorable Narendra Modi. His accomplishments and values place him in great comparison with the "Iron Man" Sardar Patel. 

In less than two years, Sardar Patel was able to unify all the princely states to join the Republic of India. 

After years of suffering from a wide variety of foreign governments, India has surely experienced the best and worst. Many of have tried to convert our beliefs, change our culture, and demolish our country. Therefore, Modi realizes the importance of our precious independence, as it took us nearly 1500 years to regain sovereignty. 

Many corrupt politicians despise Modi. His honesty scares them because as they aim to spread corruption and destruction, he aims to bring people together. And as we know, light always conquers dark. Furthermore, many uneducated citizens do not know what is good for the country — so it is up to us to make sure that we spread the truth. We must be the guiding force to make sure that the 1.3 billion people of India understand the truth. Thus, each household must educate all those around them.

My humble plea to all my Indian countrymen: please cooperate with our great leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and give him a chance to bring our beloved country India back to its true and original glory.

Harry Wadhwani

Via E-mail

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