As the horrific storms in Houston, Texas, have clearly shown, we have a great deal more to fear from the ravages of climate change than illegal immigration. We don’t need to squander precious dollars on border walls. What is urgently needed are flood walls. We need to swallow our national pride and seek expertise from the Netherlands who have protected their people with excellent flood walls.

To add to their misery, the people of Houston were exposed to poisonous gases from venting oil gases from oil refineries. To make matters even worse, The National Flood Insurance Program is due to expire on Sept. 30, and has a deficit of $24 billion.

What can be done? We must halt unlimited funding to our bloated military that wage endless wars, and redirect our scarce dollars to massive investment in upgrading our crumbling infrastructure.

As the nation looks on at the horror unfolding in Houston, President Donald Trump took his eye off the ball to repeat a threat to abrogate NAFTA and repeat his intention of building the boondoggle U.S.-Mexico border.

If he follows through on his threat to shut down the government if Congress fails to appropriate the funds for his “beautiful wall,” there will be no federal dollars available to help the hapless Harvey victims.

Tejinder Uberoi

Los Altos, Calif.

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