SAN JOSE, Calif. — The latest Bollywood movie, "Bajrangi Bhaijaan," brings a very powerful message of goodwill, compassion and basic human values, which the people of both Pakistan and India have in their hearts, in spite of political differences between the two nations. However, this wonderful message could have been articulated without any backdrop of religion, such as portraying a Hindu India and a Muslim Pakistan. Moreover, this portrayal of different religious sentiments was not treated fairly by the film maker.

The worshipping of Hindu deity Hanuman was shown as a joke, with Hanuman devotees jumping around frivolously in front of a Hanuman idol and taking their self-pictures. I have never seen such type of Hanuman worship in any temple or in any religious procession. Also, it seemed ludicrous to see a Hanuman devotee bowing to a monkey wherever he sees one. On the other hand, the quawali at a Dargah was very impressive, melodious, serene and soul-touching.

On the premise that people all over are the same, it is interesting to notice in this movie the portrayal of bad elements only in one country and not the other. I wish the film makers would treat all religious and cultural sentiments with equal respect and sensitivity. Those should be displayed in the movies only when necessary to convey a specific message and not to make a mockery out of any religion or culture.

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