President Trump’s executive order rescinding his prior order separating children from their parents does nothing to address the crisis of thousands of families who have already been torn apart. Many parents have been deported and the likelihood of ever seeing their children again remains highly unlikely. New asylum seekers and their children will be locked up together, intensifying their misery.

More than 600 members of the United Methodist Church have filed a formal complaint against fellow church member, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, accusing him of immorality and racial discrimination. Protesters followed him shouting, “Stop taking kids!” The audio tape released by ProPublica that captured the wailing sounds of children crying “Mama” and “Papi” from inside a detention center has intensified the outrage.

The immigrants are not “animals” as Trump likes to describe them, but innocent victims of gang violence. One immigrant lost two children to gun violence before she crossed the border with her only remaining infant toddler. Not even the sight of devastated families and children in internment camps could move the party that once boasted family values and the protection of the unborn child. The silence of the Republican lambs is deafening.

The longer these children are separated from their parents the more likely they will suffer long term physiological damage. It is time to halt this inhumane policy now.

Tejinder Uberoi

Los Altos, Calif.

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