It gives me immense pleasure in saying that I am a proud citizen of the United States. It is a country where volunteerism is encouraged as well as practiced.

Recently, a colleague at work lost his home to an accidental fire that engulfed his dwelling in the middle of the night, while the family was asleep. Another colleague cared enough for a fellow worker and went to visit the family that had no place to stay but was given temporary shelter by the relatives. This colleague developed a web site to fund this individual and requested all others to help and circulate “fund me” through their individual social media outlets.

I am so touched by such incidents that I feel so proud to be living in a country where such values prevail and the average American cares enough to engage him or herself voluntarily in such worthwhile efforts. Such situations truly inspire me to do as much good as possible in my day to day life.

While watching the ABC coverage of the recent royal wedding, my mind wandered and I remembered several Bollywood movies. A couple of those come to my mind, namely, “Baabul” and “Vivah.” They had touched me also immensely due to the kindness depicted in these movie dramas.

In “Baabul,” Amitabh Bachchan, the father in-law of Rani Mukherjee, loses his son to a car accident and in order to bring cheer to her widowed daughter in-law, arranges a marriage and gives her away as her father to her friend who had always loved her. In “Vivah,” a fire breaks out two days before the marriage of Amrita Rao, a niece brought up by Uncle Alok Nath. The protagonist, Amrita Rao, risks her life to save her cousin who gets trapped in the fire. In the process, she gets burned badly; the groom, Shahid Kapoor, accepts her in her burned state and asks the hospital and family of Amrita Rao to perform the marriage even before the medical team performs surgery on her, knowing full well that she may not survive and stay disfigured.

Such acts of kindness are a reminder of the goodness that is lurking around in all humans all the time but just need the chance to break out.

Angela Anand

Via E-mail

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