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Archbishop of New Delhi Anil Couto has urged Catholics to pray for democracy. (Archbishop Anil Couto Facebook photo)

The Delhi Archbishop Joseph Thomas Kutie has sent a letter to all bishops and all pastors all over India asking them to start offering special prayers on every Friday till the present government is dismissed and a new Congress lead ministry takes over. The original letter, which was publicized by Vatican press across the world, says democracy is in danger in India, minorities are insecure, fundamental rights are taken away, etc. Many words like Satan worshippers, pagans, and idol worshippers are also used. This church and Vatican conspiracy against the Hindu nationalist party lead by Narendra Modi stands exposed. The Archbishop says an atmosphere of dark clouds have encircled India and this will go only after the present government is replaced by a Congress government next year.

The Church is very angry about NDA as they cancelled all fake NGOs who were receiving millions of dollars for religious conversions of poor and backward people and were going scot free without giving any statement or accountability. More than 15,000 NGOs’ licenses have been canceled. The Church thinks it is their god given right to do religious conversions anywhere and they are not bound by country rules and regulations. Will this Roman doctrine work in India? The Congress party was able to form a government even after a massive defeat in the Karnataka elections by joining hands with JDS, whom they described as a BJP supporting B team. Now, as Sonia and Rahul have got some life after this back-door entry to power, it appears the Church is ready to declare an all-out war against BJP and all who are supporting BJP.

All the Christian majority states like Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal and Jharkhand have voted solidly for the BJP for the first time and this has given a traumatic shock to the evangelists. People want progress and development and they are not willing to be slaves of the Vatican any more. So many developmental projects have taken place since one year that every Modi rally is attracting hundreds of people everywhere in the northeast. Bringing a national highway connecting India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand is making big news in the northeast. Connecting cities with railways and buses, starting new technical colleges and giving jobs to many has made the NDA and Modi very popular in the east. Congress did very poorly in all these states where Congress ruled for 70 years.

Now, what options does the Modi government have here? Dr. Subramaniam Swamy wants India to cancel diplomatic relations with Vatican as they are getting involved and supporting anti-government activities in a democracy. This may not be done. There is a possibility that India may adopt the same laws Christian and Islamic countries adopt against minority groups who challenge the majority religion and culture and tradition. Thousands of missionaries who are overstaying their visas may be sent back to their home countries. Indian churches may be asked to manage their own church without any foreign assistance. Open political speeches by pastors and others attacking the BJP and Hindu dharma may attract legal action. Any family which was converted by fraud, threats or any other dubious means may be asked to appeal to special courts and the people who were involved may receive punishment.

It is unfortunate that the Church and its institutions all over India which are getting millions of donors and supporters is getting involved with this Roman and Vatican doctrine to destroy a Hindu nationalist party, Hindu religion and culture in Bharat, which is essentially Hindustan. Can western countries tolerate any one group trying to target churches and other institutions?

We hope the Church comes out in the open and offers an unconditional apology to the people of India. If they ignore it and go to the people to demonize Modi and Hinduism, things may not be as pleasant.

Rangaesh Gadasalli,

Harish Dhruv

Los Angeles, Calif.

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