We are writing this e-mail regarding the incidents relating to Bollywood star Raveena Tandon and more so the spat she had with Niraj Agnihotri. It is rather unfortunate that your newspaper decided to hear one side of the story, and the tenor of your coverage suggested that it was purely the fault of the members of the UFICA organizing committee.

For starters, the committee has taken serious view of the comments made by Raveena Tandon in that the Bollywood artist calls one of our esteemed members, Niraj Agnihotri, a 'drunk'. This really goes to show the level of this person — the so-called Bollywood actress. As you know, the city has a curb of alcohol being served, and we had law enforcement officers who will testify that our member Niraj was not under any influence of alcohol. Calling Niraj a drunk is a deliberate act on the part of Ms. Tandon to malign his reputation. Niraj comes from a good family upbringing, and it is to be noted that his father was an esteemed professor in one of the prestigious universities in the USA. Any refusal on the limo service made by Niraj was a committee decision, and the reason of the denial will be appreciated once you go through the following points that are being enumerated.

1) UFICA in its longest tradition has always rolled out an agreement with any movie star. Ms. Tandon reneged her obligation in that she was supposed to stay on both days, Friday and Saturday, for two hours, and this did not happen. Everyone was a witness to the fact that she spent merely 45 minutes at each of the events much to the disbelief of several people gathered at the event.

2) The organization was utterly surprised when two of our senior members along with her manager were not able to trace Ms. Tandon at the LAX airport, and, subsequently, we were advised that she decided to take a waiting cab to stay with her family friend. UFICA incurred charges as a result of the cancellation at the Sheraton Cerritos hotel. What really was baffling was that Ms. Tandon could have waited and tried to locate her manager who was patiently waiting for her arrival at the LAX Airport.

3) As anyone can appreciate, Sheraton Cerritos is within close proximity to the park, and any delays could have been mitigated due to distance logistics and nearness to the park. What is indeed surprising is that there was no communication either by her or by her local agent that she decided to stay about 30 miles away from the park.

4) On the day of the arrival, Ms. Tandon was advised on 3 kids accompanying her to the mela ground, and she appeared to be fine with it, and, on the contrary, she expressed delight and pleasure in the kids accompanying her to the mela grounds, but this situation of not wanting to have more than one kid changed at the very last minute.

5) Much to our surprise, Ms. Tandon decided not to place her hands on her chest as a mark of honor to the USA flag, and does she know that one should respect the nation's flag wherever one goes? She was also the witness to several members putting their hands on their chest during the USA National Anthem, but she decided to ignore it.

Lastly, the organization and several people witnessed the shameful act of hurling the metal purse at our member, Niraj Agnihotri, and she probably does not realize that this is an act of battery that she has committed and was seen by several people, and some of them just could not believe their eyes.

As a newspaper that we patronize, we feel you have an obligation to provide to the public our side of the story and may we request you to please publish this in your next print.

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