Indian Federation of Working Journalist has strongly condemned the brutal killing of renowned journalist Shujaat Bukhari who has been the editor of Rising Kashmir and three other newspapers. Bukhari has been associated with the prestigious English daily The Hindu as its correspondent in Srinagar.

Bukhari’s reports were read with rapt attention all over India because of its objectivity and impartiality. He has been the target of the militants because he always took the stand that those who come in the way of peace and normality are against the interest of the people of Kashmir. The unidentified killers have done a huge damage to the people of Kashmir by silencing a sane voice. His brother, Basharat Bukhari, is a minister in Mehbooba Mufti’s government and it shows that the law and order situation in the state has totally collapsed as it has not been able to protect the brother of the minister and the senior journalist.

In a statement IFWJ’s vice-president Hemant Tiwari, secretary general Parmanand Pandey, and secretary Siddharth Kalhans who were camping in Mumbai to attend a journalistic program have condemned the ghastly killing of one of the top ranking journalists of Jammu and Kashmir. The president of ‘J&K Union of Working Journalists’ Uday Chand and IFWJ’s secretary Rehmatullah Rounyal have expressed shock over the killing of Shujaat Bukhari.

IFWJ and its J&K affiliate have demanded the government to nab the culprits and bring them to book. The union leaders have also demanded that the family of slain journalist Bukhari be adequately compensated by financial assistance.

FWJ dips its banner to condole the death of Bukhari.

Parmanand Pandey

Secretary General


Via E-mail

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