Mr. Gadasalli and Mr. Dhruv raise some good points in their letter, “Why demonize Hindus.” There is a general pressure of political correctness and attracting votes from large minorities combined with aggressive and clever campaigns by some minority group leaders, that influences politicians and news media. The cry of Islamophobia is often used to silence any opposition. Missionary-minded Christians protect their goal of converting non-Christians by raising the false claim of persecution at any isolated incident. 

In my individual capacity as a member of the Zarathushti (Zoroastrian) community, I regularly counter attempts to demonize Hindus and India, or even Jews, Muslims and Christians. At a panel discussion with a Hindu and Sikh moderated by a Christian at the local City Hall, blaming religious persecution of minorities in India, I informed the audience that being from a minority myself I never experienced that; besides, India has had presidents and prime ministers as well as politicians at local, state and national levels from minority communities and the Indian Constitution guarantees protection to minorities.

I also counter false propaganda against Hindus and India on Facebook and remind readers that India and Hindus have welcomed people of all religious groups who were persecuted in their home countries.

Although it is all right to point out deficiencies in government whether in India, USA, or Israel, it is being ungrateful to your hosts when a systematic campaign is conducted to malign them. When liberal writers talk about having Israel give back land to the previous Arab inhabitants, I ask them if they are willing to give back the land in America to the natives, or American Indians, from whom it was stolen and today occupied by all of us, and go back to their home countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, but the silence is deafening. 

If we want our future generations to avoid the suffering of wars and religious riots, we should balance the good and bad points of all communities, instead of picking only the bad points of any community. We should stop claiming superiority of any one religious or racial group, whether Abrahamic or non-Abrahamic, and remind ourselves that if we believe in one God, then we are all brothers and sisters, using our freedom of choice to follow our religious, social and cultural preferences.

Maneck Bhujwala

Huntington Beach, Calif.

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