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Artesia, Calif., Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj and the city council have agreed to scale back on the redevelopment project for Pioneer Boulevard in the city’s downtown, housing a majority of Indian American merchants. Above, a truck trying to emerge from the parking lot could not make the turn onto the single-lane street, and ended up crossing over into the median, blocking traffic for two hours. (Riyaz Khan photo)

This is in response to your article India-West titled, “’Eye Sore’ Center Median on Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia to Be Scaled Back, Allowing 4 Lanes Once Again.”

Six million dollars are down the drain for this Pioneer Blvd. redevelopment project in Artesia.

I have been using the streets of Artesia for more than 15 years. Some of the streets are in a deplorable condition and are unsafe to drive. The beautification of Pioneer Blvd. between 183rd and 186th streets was a disaster and an eye sore from day one.

If the mayor and the council members really thought that this was a beautification project rivaling that of the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and other cities in Southern California, it only says one thing. They are not fit to hold any public offices.

Maybe the residents of Artesia and the neighboring cities should start legal proceedings to recover the waste and the great amount of discomfort they had caused to the public.

One last request to the merchants of Artesia: get involved, pay attention to what is happening in your back and front yards. One more thing. Pay your dues to the city.

Rao Puvvula

Via E-mail

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