During the “Women in World Summit” on April 6, the U.S. envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, was heckled repeatedly by a hostile audience. Sadly, she was attempting to defend the indefensible policies of Donald Trump. As exasperated members of the audience called her out several times, Haley made the absurd comment that “We have to express American values. We are the moral conscience of the world.” Oh really! Haley would do well to read a primer of U.S. misdeeds throughout its short history from the genocide of Native Indians, enslavement of African Americans, and internment of Japanese Americans to its more recent misadventures.

No, Ms. Haley, the U.S. is not the moral authority of the world. It is a waning empire that is guilty of imposing its military power and covert operations (the CIA) to subjugate weaker nations. As the daughter of Sikh parents, Haley would do well to study and follow the basic pillars of Sikhism, “the principles of universal equality, brotherhood and sisterhood.”

Jagjit Singh

Los Altos, Calif.

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