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Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha workers stage a demonstration demanding justice for a rape victim in New Delhi, April 25. (IANS photo)

For the last few weeks we have been seeing many articles and letters in India-West talking about a rape of a young girl in Kathua near Jammu which are using this incidence to demonize one billion Hindus and India in particular. Last week, one letter writer, Jagjit Singh, talked about the same thing, not having any clue as to what new developments have taken place now and why the investigation has been moved to Pathankot for many good legal reasons: the main accused, a Hindu young man, was not even in that place and was hundreds of miles away taking money out with his friends at an ATM machine. But people who have used this to malign India have succeeded as even the New York Times also made this a front-page news to target India and Hindus of India.

All around India, other religions’ leaders have been getting arrested and charged with rape, murder, torture but the Congress-controlled media has been hushing it up so much that Hindus are getting projected as rapists, terrorists, intolerants, communalists, etc. This should be stopped by all educated and well-informed people.

Maulvi Zakir Naik was arrested for raping a minor girl in a madrasa. No news coverage. In Lucknow 90 girls were abused and raped in Lucknow at a madrasa. No news coverage. In Aurangabad Jan. 18 Maulana Farooq was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor girl. No news coverage.

Illegal Bangladeshi criminals accused of raping and burning the body of a girl in Assam did not hit the main news network. The reason is this news will incite Hindus to attack Muslims on a large scale. So communal harmony comes first; take it easy dear Hindus.

All Muslims are not terrorists. But there appears to be a nexus among Muslims and the Christian media to attack Hindus by taking examples of isolated criminal acts and demonizing India and its majority population. Now, an official letter from the Archbishop asking cooperation from Muslims and Maulanas to unite both religious groups and divide Hindus in multiple ways to retain power in Karnataka, is making big news.

Sonia Gandhi, who is listed as one of the top ten richest politicians of the world, above Queen Elizabeth, has retained her absolute control of the oldest party of India. She has been president of Congress for 17 long years and none has contested against her. Now she nominates her son Rahul as president. No contest. Now Rahul announces himself a PM candidate from Congress for the next year Lok Sabha elections. What is happening? Are we seeing a dynasty with dictatorial tendencies and ambitions trying their best to bring India under colonial rule again? Congress has lost 22 states in the past four years and this family is the least popular in the country. If we, overseas Indians, write and propagate anti-India materials here in the U.S., we will all be hurting mother India in a big way.

The Modi government has already brought an ordinance to punish the rapists of children to maximum life sentence as possible. One Asaram Bapu, a pseudo-guru who was charged with sexual abuse, has got a life sentence and no Hindu is supporting him. Unfortunately, no leaders from the minorities are coming in the open to condemn pastors, mullahs and maulvis who have been arrested for various crimes. Does this make a huge statement? Hindus are no angels. We have all characters like others, but India with its 80% Hindu population is the best for minorities and others. If Hindus had behaved the way other religions treat minorities, minorities would not have made it big in India. Let us encourage and support the noble features of Sanatana Dharma.

Rangaesh Gadasalli

Harish Dhruv

Los Angeles, Calif. 

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