Recently, there was an article titled "India's Rape Crisis Worsens" by journalist Shashank Bengali casting India in a bad light. Following is a letter I had sent to The Los Angeles Times which they chose not to publish. You may want to publish this letter as it shows where India stands compared to the USA and other nations in such criminal behavior...a matter your readers should and would like to know.

“Mr. Shashank Bengali’s article “India’s rape crisis worsens” begs a response to put crime levels of India in proper perspective. Granted, rapes, murders and violent crimes reflect the inhumane side of any society or nation and should be condemned by all of us. But by comparing India with USA and the world, we can get a better idea as to where India stands amongst nations in violent crimes including rapes.

“According to, per 100,000 individuals, India’s rape rate in 2014 was 1.8, ranking 46th amongst all countries, while America’s was 27.3, ranking 9th and 15 times higher than India’s. Germany has five times more rapes than India as per

“As per murders per 100,000 people, India had 2.8 murders while USA had 5; almost double.

“As per total violent crimes rate per 1000 people, India ranked 76th with 1.64 crimes while the United States ranked 22nd with 41.29 crimes per 1000; some 25 times more than India’s

“Besides rapes and murders, the United States has more than five times as many mass shooters as Russia, China and India as per

“So why single out India for these crimes?

“If Mr. Bengali had given this comparison, your readers would have had better idea about where India stands in these ignoble matters compared to the United States and rest of the world.”

Chaitanya Davé

Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

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