Earrings sometimes work as the fashion saviors that not only complete but complement almost any outfit or look. Having the perfect set of earrings can make you look like a diva. Having said that, did you ever notice that not all of your earrings give you the desired look? Varying shapes of earrings may sometimes give you a different look. Ever wondered why those long ones looked good on your round face, but those studs that you love so much made you look weird?

Well, ladies here is the solution to all your worries. Next time while buying earrings, make sure you check them as per the style guide below. Your face shape and earrings have a connection, which you were never aware of. So let us guide you to find the right earring for your face shape:


round shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

A round face has fuller cheeks and a more circular form than other shapes. People with a round face shape have more surface around the cheeks than the top and bottom of their head. If you are a person with such a facial structure, you need to balance out some of that roundness. Stay away from chunky studs as they will add more attention to the center of your face. Draw attention down by wearing long, dangling, drop earrings.


heart shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

Do you have a forehead that is wider than your cheeks, and your face narrows toward your chin? Then you have a heart-shaped face. To create balance and bring attention to the lower part of your face, go for earrings that have a curved triangular shape  like a teardrop earring. The wider base of the earring will complement the shape of your face and create balance. Never go for an inverted triangle shape, as that can completely throw off the balance.


sqaure shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

Do you have a face where the width of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are similar? Then you are the owner of a square-shaped face. To flatter your natural angle, go for long hoops or long teardrop earrings. They will help you show off those defined cheekbones. Look for interesting patterns and designs to draw attention there. Do not forget to show off those shoulders and neck.


rectangle shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

If your forehead and chin are almost the same size, and the distinct character of your face is the length, then you have a rectangular face. Here the key to create balance is going for broader or wider earrings. Opt for chandeliers or stone studded teardrops that are wider. Statement earrings are the best choice for this face shape. On the contrary, small pearls and rounded buttons will look terrific on you as well. This face type is best for all or nothing in the earring department!


diamond shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

The prominent feature of your face is the cheekbones. You have a narrow forehead and chin. Angular contouring gives your face a diamond shape. Small hoops, studs and wider teardrops will look good on your face. The earrings that have more width than length will complement your natural face shape better. This is one of the most sought-after face shapes. Some celebrities contour their faces using makeup to make it look like a diamond shape.


triangle shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

A triangle-shaped face is almost the opposite of a heart-shaped face. Your chin is wider than your forehead and your face goes broader as it goes down. Yes, you guessed it- to create the balance, we go for earrings that are pointing down. Take care not to go for any angular or pointy earrings. Stick to rounded and soft curves like tear drops and rounded studs.


heart shape face bollywood actress- BollywoodShaadis

Is your forehead not too wide, and the line from your forehead blends with your high cheekbones? You lucky girls!! You are the blessed ones with an oval-shaped face who can carry off almost any look. Have fun experimenting! Your natural contour can carry off studs, danglers and even drops.

Well, the sky is the limit for you when it comes to choosing an earring for yourself. Hope this guide helps you find the perfect pair of earrings!

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