Giving Education Your Best Shot Is Key to Success: Minoo Gupta
Minoo Gupta (l), seen here with her family, is Senior Director of Engineering in Cloud and Networking Division at Citrix.
Giving Education Your Best Shot Is Key to Success: Minoo Gupta
Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria is a co-organizer of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners. She interviews women in technology and shares their life experiences with others. In this interview, she speaks with Minoo Gupta, Sr. Director of Engineering, in Cloud and Networking Division at Citrix.
    Chandini Ammineni is an Indian born co-founder of a startup called
    Is Silicon Valley A Level Playing Field for Women?
    If you go to any startup event today in the Silicon Valley, one positive trend that’s very noticeable is the increasing number of women entrepreneurs. This is a great considering how male dominated the technology scene has traditionally been.
      Technology influences competition at the Olympic Games.
      Olympic Games 2012: The Tech Evolution Since Beijing
      Technology doesn't spare any aspect of our life including sports, but it's always interesting to see the intersection of technology and the Olympics.
        Venture capitalists in India and U.S. have shown interest in tech start-ups in India.
        'Desi' Startups - Bridging the Gap Between The 'Real' Silicon Valley & Its Indian Counterpart
        India is trending in the right direction when it comes to tech entrepreneurship. But is it ever going to close the gap with the Silicon Valley? Let's find out...
          Alligator by Vertu
          The Bling Thing!
          For the love of brilliance and technology, here’s an ode to the lovers of glitz. Take your pick from these gadgets that come studded with diamonds and crystals. Are you ready to shine?
            Winners at Plug and Play's 2012 Spring Expo
            No Losers at Plug and Play’s Spring 2012 EXPO
            Plug and Play recently organized its flagship event, Spring EXPO 2012, showcasing “best of breed,” emerging technology companies. It also provided start ups with a platform to pitch their ideas in a couple of minutes and spread the word about their product.
              Bugs are part of life in the software industry.
              Phony Security
              Smartphones and all the cool applications that they deliver to us have transformed our lives - mostly for the better. These little phones in our pant pockets and handbags have now become the real life engines.
                Image courtesy:
                In your Face … Book
                Thanks to social networking and smartphones, people suddenly have become far less social than before. If you are a single guy, forget a smile, you probably won’t even get any eye contact from a girl these days. The chances are, her eyes are glued to someone’s Facebook profile on her smartphone. It
                  Plug and Play.
                  Plug and Play
                  Dreams make life beautiful. We are all dreamers at some point in our lives. It seems as though life isn’t quite the same without our hopes and dreams. Dreams come in different shapes and sizes. Dreams have geographic affinity, too.
                    As a producer of extremely popular consumer products, Steve Jobs had a direct impact on us.
                    R.I.P Jobs and Ritchie
                    The technology world lost 2 major legends this October. One was covered a lot more in the news than the other and understandably so. But their contributions were equally great and impactful, but in different ways. I am talking about Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie.
                      Bill Maher joked that Steve Jobs should be allowed to re-build America.
                      Jobs and Democracy
                      Bill Maher, the famous comedian and political commentator made an interesting comment a while back. He said we should let Steve Jobs run America. He credited Jobs with re-inventing the record player, phone, and the computer - all in a matter of 10 years, and joked he should be allowed to rebuild Am
                        Hadoop is an open source platform for large data processing applications.
                        Gearing Up for The Hadoop Boom
                        Technologies come and technologies go, but careers have to stay, grow and flourish. It's always challenging to stay abreast of what’s going on in the fast changing software industry.
                          Forty-one percent patients use Social Media sites to look for health information: NRC Survey
                          Social Media New Tool for Doctors, Patients
                          Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, is a complex world and is in its infancy. Introducing such powerful and undefined channels into the domain health care is challenging.
                            An undated file photo shows a  of an 1981 desktop IBM personal computer.(AFP/Getty Images)
                            Computing: The Journey So Far
                            Many people have asked me to explain cloud computing in layman terms. And as I begin drawing a picture for them, I inevitably find myself first tracing the path of the evolution of computing in general.
                              Many social networking ideas & companies want to re-invent the way we use the Internet.
                              The Social Bubble
                              Internet’s growth spurt fueled the tech bubble back in the day and it’s mid-life crisis brought the stock market crashing down in the early 2000’s. Internet is now a well-known commodity - one that’s an integral part of most people’s life. But there is a new hype in the tech sector and it's built

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