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Act Responsibly On Climate Crisis

  • By Warren Senders

  • Jun 07, 2013

  • As rising levels of carbon dioxide push the greenhouse effect into overdrive, agriculture all over the world is going to be affected; harvests will shrink, crops will come under attack from invasive parasites and diseases, and inevitably subsistence farmers and small landholders in the world's poorest countries are going to suffer.

    In comparison to rich and developed countries, Bangladesh's carbon footprint is statistically insignificant, yet its citizens are facing imminent displacement from their lands, lives and hopes due to rising sea levels — and this is just one example of a worldwide phenomenon.

    The cruel irony of global warming is that while the greenhouse emissions triggering planetary warming are produced by the richest and most privileged among us, those who are already economically and politically disenfranchised will reap the whirlwind.

    History notes many cases of intentional genocide in the service of colonialism and economic expansion. Climate change's impact on the world's poorest people wasn't planned, but that's no consolation. It falls to the developed world to act responsibly on the climate crisis, or to shoulder the blame for a catastrophe with both environmental and humanitarian dimensions.

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