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BLS International Services Replaces Travisa for Visas

  • United States

    The Indian Embassy of India in Washington, D.C., has awarded a new contract to BLS International Services Ltd. for providing Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certificate application support services, beginning from July 1, 2013, according to a press release from the Indian Embassy.

    The current service provider, Travisa Outsourcing, will be closing its services June 28 at all embassy and consulate locations.

    Applications in person will be accepted by Travisa Outsourcing only up to June 27. Only emergency visas will be entertained by Travisa Outsourcing on June 28. All applications sent through the mail will be accepted by the Travisa Outsourcing up to June 21. Applicants who propose to send their applications by mail thereafter may send them so as to reach the offices of BLS International Services Ltd. at jurisdictional locations on July 1 or thereafter. It may also be noted that banker's checks accompanying these applications are to be drawn in favor of BLS International Services Limited.

    Those applicants who already submitted their applications to Travisa may check the status of their applications from Travisa until June 28. Pending cases thereafter will be transferred to BLS and can be tracked from their Web site for status and delivery.

    The central call center details, including toll free phone numbers, of BLS International Services Ltd. are as follows:

    BLS-Washington/ New York/ Atlanta (888-683-7830); BLS-Chicago/Houston (888-683-7831); BLS-San Francisco (888-683-7832). 

    The Web site of BLS International Services Ltd. is, operational on June 25.

    The addresses of BLS offices at different locations are as follows:

    Washington, DC: 220 Eye Street NE, Washington, DC 20002; New York: 13 East 37th Street, between 5th and Madison, NY 10001; Chicago: 55 West Van Buren, Chicago, IL 60607; Houston: Suite 515, Level 5, 1235 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77060; San Francisco: 4239 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94118; Atlanta: 5775 Glenridge Drive, Building B, Suite 380, Atlanta, GA 30328.

    Due to some technical reasons, visa services under the Atlanta Consulate jurisdiction would begin from July 18. Visa applicants from states under the Atlanta jurisdiction may continue to submit applications as per the current visa jurisdictions until July 17. However, OCI/PIO/Renunciation services would begin at the Atlanta Consulate jurisdiction location from July 1.

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  • anonymousindia
  • Jul 25, 2013

    Thousands of people seeking to visit India are facing traumatic experience getting VISA/PIO/OCI service. The outsourcing agency selected by the embassy is grossly incompetent and so are the embassy processes & procedures. Fix your visa, pio & oci services.

    Please sign this petition and forward to your friends.

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  • aj
  • Jul 24, 2013

    How pathetic, none of the numbers reported above work. What a SHAME that a transition is putting so many people at the risk of their travel plans and risk of getting tickets and on top of that the unnecessary head ache.
    Travisa was soooo much way better, I cant even compare them with BLS. I truly HOPE BLS will change their image soon and make people have a good experience travelling to India. They have no idea of where my passport is ... how can you behave with such an important document.

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