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Rep. Carolyn Maloney Steps Up Diwali Stamp Campaign

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney addresses a crowd at the Indian Consulate in New York to rally support for the issuance of a commemorative Diwali stamp.
  • NEW YORK, United States

    Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney spoke before the Consul General of India here July 8 to urge its members and leaders in the Indian American communities to continue supporting an effort to get the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee of the United States Postal Service to issue a commemorative Diwali stamp.

    “It is high time the USPS issues a Diwali stamp…Issuing a Diwali stamp would officially recognize the size and significance of the country’s Indian American population, which comprises over three million people, and would provide the USPS with sorely needed revenue,” Maloney said in a press release.

    For several years, Maloney has headed efforts in Congress to push the CSAC to consider issuing a commemorative Diwali stamp. In January, Maloney introduced H.Res. 47, expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the CSAC should issue a Diwali stamp. 

    She had written letters to the CSAC in 2010 and 2012 requesting the same action.

    Ranju Batra, president of the Association of Indians in America-NY, who attended the July 8 event, was a major catalyst in the effort to get the Diwali stamp issued. She asked that Maloney provide national leadership on the effort, and Maloney obliged her request by remaining strongly dedicated to the issue.

    Aside from the cultural significance of the Diwali stamp, there are economic benefits associated with its issuance. There are over 3 million Indian Americans residing in the United States. The sale of the Diwali stamp could provide the USPS with a much-needed revenue surge. 

    The July 8 meeting was held to urge supporters and members of the Indian American communities to contact their members of Congress and the CSAC and express support for the issuance of a Diwali stamp. 


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