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SF Bay Area Eighth Grader Scores Perfect 2400 on SAT

Varun Jain
  • United States

    There are many talented students in the Indian American community, but every now and then some exceptionally talented young people come to the surface. Varun Jain, a recent graduate of Dorris Eaton School and current resident of Alamo, Calif., is certainly one of them. Jain has just recently finished 8th grade with quite the impressive list of accomplishments under his belt. 

    Entering high school, Jain has already achieved a perfect 2400 on the SAT Reasoning exam meant for those 11th and 12th graders who are planning on continuing on to higher education. The SAT is a test consisting of three sections: Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. An essay question is incorporated as a part of the Writing section and in order to achieve a perfect score, a student must exhibit not only knowledge of mathematics subjects ranging from geometry to calculus, but also of reading comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills.

    A score of 2400 is usually nothing short of amazing, but for someone at the 8th grade level, who hasn’t yet been introduced to most of the skills tested in a school environment, to be able to achieve such a score is something truly exemplary. However, Jain’s academic accomplishments do not stop with just the SAT Reasoning exam. The talented young man has managed to get perfect scores on both the Biology and Math-2 subject tests.

    Even the young Indian American’s extra-curricular activities do not fail to impress. He has won numerous first-place debate awards, and has participated as the captain of his school’s Science Bowl team. He was selected to participate in the United States Junior Math Olympiad and placed second in the county spelling bee two years in a row and placed in the California State Junior Spelling Bee for two years. The exceptional young man is also adept at playing both the sitar and violin, having recently recorded a sitar CD album with his younger brother. He also played violin in the county orchestra a few years ago.

    Jain is the son of two physicians in private practice — Vivek and Vinita Jain — is interested in both technology and the human brain.

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