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Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone Meet Press Via Video Conference

The press gathered in a conference room at the Bryant Park Hotel.
  • NEW YORK, United States

    Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone spoke to the Indian American and mainstream American media about “Chennai Express” via satellite in a morning video press conference Aug. 6.

    The event, held at the Bryant Park Hotel, was managed by Touchdown Media Inc. and presented by Shazya Entertainment,  a local Bollywood events and promotions company. 

    “A multitude of media outlets from the South Asian and mainstream press were present for a chat with the celebrities that turned out to be a casual and light hearted interaction,” said a spokesperson.

    Khan recited popular dialogues from his past films, and even sang a few lines from a song from Vishal-Shekhar’s soundtrack to “Chennai Express.” Padukone, too, recited some dialogues and enthralled the audience with anecdotes from the set.

     An action-romance comedy travelogue directed by Rohit Shetty, “Chennai Express” finds Khan’s character, a 40-year-old North Indian bachelor, journeying to a small town in Tamil Nadu in order to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish that his ashes be cast in the holy water of Rameshwaram. On the journey he finds love in the form of Padukone’s character. 

    According to an immediate report on the, the press conference took on an existential note when Khan was questioned, “Who is Shah Rukh Khan?”

    “The lines are very blurred,” he conceded. “I don’t know. Many days I don’t know if I’m acting like Shah Rukh Khan, or ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ is acting like Shah Rukh Khan.”

    But he said that while he made compromises with his time and in his family life, he never compromises when it comes to his work.

    “I always do a film for the right reason — always from the heart,” he said, “and I always leave a part of me behind.”

    The Examiner reported that Padukone saw nothing unusual in being paired romantically with an actor 20 years her senior. “When I look into his eyes, he can make you feel like the most loved and beautiful and special person on earth, and that only comes with experience — [that] and his charm and his humor and maybe his acting ability, but I believe that’s how he is, genuinely. I don’t think somebody’s years make a difference, as long as at the end of the day he’s convincing in the role he plays, whatever age he plays. What his real age is doesn’t matter.”

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