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Going Mobile in Minutes with Anagha Nadkarni

Anagha Nadkarni, Founder of Appguppy Mobile (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

  • Going Mobile in Minutes

    Anagha Nadkarni

    Founder of Appguppy Mobile (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

    Anagha Nadkarni is Founder of Appguppy Mobile which is a service that lets you create your own unique, customized mobile app in minutes and distribute it to any smartphone, through any operating service without having to go through a mobile app store.

    Anagha earned her undergraduate degree from McGill University, her law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is currently a 2012 MBA candidate at the University of Michigan. After spending several years leading marketing initiatives at companies such as Patni Computer Services and Converge, she worked as an attorney for the US Government, specializing in real estate transactions to drive urban development in Southern California, where she amassed a $500 MM closing portfolio. Now a recovering attorney, Anagha decided to follow her passions to the business world and has since held positions at several Fortune 500 companies. At eBay, she was part of a consulting team that led eBay to make front page changes to its website within 6 weeks of project completion. She has also worked with the growing biotech, Human Genome Sciences in strategic marketing for the launch campaign of their flagship product, Benlysta. Currently, she serves as the head of Appguppy Mobile. 

    “I’m proud of having taken countless small businesses and non-profits mobile. After having spent so many years in public service, it continues to be important to me to do something to positively contribute to the world. The fact that I’m part of something that brings opportunities to an overlooked market is something I’m incredibly proud of-in spite of the fact that I’ve switched careers three times. I continue to bring my values with me as I tread through life,” says the young executive.

    Her biggest influential force has been her parents. She talks about having a very traditional immigrant family story where her parents moved to Canada with two children under the age of two, $60 USD in their pockets and only two suitcases. She embraces the enormity of her parents’ sacrifices which weigh heavily on her and her siblings. “ It influences us to live up to what they hoped for us when they decided to permanently leave India for the West,”adds Anagha.

    When asked to share something many don’t know about her, she has no shortage of interesting things to share. “I am obsessed with post-apocalyptic situations and as the most technically useless member of my family (philosophy degree, law degree, business degree), I’m always trying to come up with skills that give me some value-add once the zombies take over. The thing is, I rarely focus on anything useful, like hunting but instead spend my time figuring out how to make cheese or limoncello. Will there be a demand for high-fat foods or fancy liqueurs (when there is a) revolution? Oh dear, they’re totally throwing me to the wolves. I knew I should have listened to my dad about med school,” she comments.

    Although we don’t think her cheese making skills will help save the world, maybe her ability to bring mobile app designing to the masses will help create some incredible apps to help the community.

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