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Detective Show ‘CID’ Completes 1,000 Episodes

  • By PTI

  • Sep 27, 2013
Shivaji Satam (center), who plays ACP Pradyuman on popular television series “CID,” is seen with his team filming on location at Film City in Mumbai Sept. 27 for the show, which marked the completion of 1,000 episodes. (Manav Manglani photo)
  • MUMBAI, India

    Television actor Shivaji Satam, best known as ACP Pradyuman of “CID,” celebrated the completion of 1,000 episodes of the popular investigative TV series and said their team encourages people to report every sort of crime.

    “CID,” a hit detective show that airs on Sony TV, is about a team of detectives belonging to the Crime Investigation Department in Mumbai. Satam plays the protagonist of the show.

    “All over India, people don’t want to go and report (crime) to the police because it’s not as simple as you see it on TV. But we encourage people to do it as we feel you can’t generalize that the police don’t work. There are a lot of cops who take their jobs very seriously and are doing the right thing,” Satam said.

    “Also, at the end of every show, we keep on suggesting capital punishment for criminals despite the fact that we hardly have any hangings happening in India. Hopefully, we can put a little fear into the audiences and make them believe that crime is not good,” he added.

    “CID,” the longest-running investigative series on Indian television, completes 1,000 episodes Sept. 27 and Satam could not be happier as he has been part of the show since its inception.

    “It is very important to keep innovating in terms of presentation and storytelling. One of our highlights is outdoor location shoots. I am overwhelmed with the response that the audience has given us. 

    “Completing 1,000 episodes is really a great achievement for the whole ‘CID’ team. I wish and pray to keep growing in the same flow and complete another 1,000 episodes,” Satam said.

    The 63-year-old actor is thankful to fans and the supportive cast and crew for making the show a hit series on the small screen. 

    “CID is the only crime fiction show which has been running for 16 years and has managed to win the hearts of millions. The show is known for its innovative ideas when it comes to keeping audiences glued to their screens with interesting new cases,” Satam said.

    The 1,000th episode will have ‘CID’ officers investigating on a dangerous island.

    Besides Satam, the show also features Dayanand Shetty as Daya, Aditya Shrivastav as Abhijit, Narendra Gupta as Salunke, Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector Fredrick and others.

    “Even marriages don’t last that long nowadays. Yet, the team of ‘CID’ has lasted. In ‘CID,’ we are like just another family,” Satam chuckled.

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