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Motivation and Good luck through Feng Shui

Motivation and Good luck through Feng Shui

  • Motivation is a driving force in all our lives. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving force; otherwise nothing will move or make things happen. A wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals.

    In order to get motivated, you need to know exactly what it is that you want, to possess a strong desire, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. Feng Shui aids you in achieving your goals by creating the right environment for a positive motivation.

    Most often people spend a lot of time either lamenting over their bad luck or all that happened in their life but never take stock of the situation and try to forge ahead with new vigor and motivation. Being in the past can only make things get worse in the present and in turn the future hence adapting certain basic techniques of Feng Shui you can try to break the shackles and start a fresh.

    Feng Shui is all about creating a harmonious space and environment that exudes harmony. Re-creating the feel of nature within a space is one of the key dynamics behind this age-old practice. It’s no surprise that we would most often be faced with bad energy due to our immediate surrounding and environment around our building. These may give rise to ill-fortune in the form of, relationship, wealth, legal entanglement or illness.

    We may not be able to correct our neighborhood and surroundings but we can surely adapt Fengshui to counter the ill effects and restore the harmony within our space. These corrective measures will go a long way to abate energy that is disturbing and enhance the energy that feels good.

    Before implementing Fengshui to aid you in your motivation process, you need to first clear your inner clutter.

    ·Think, meditate and find out whether you really want to achieve your desire, and whether it is worth the effort and time.

    ·Make your goal very clear and Think often about the benefits you will gain by achieving your goal.

    ·Visualize, and think about how you would feel after achieving your goal.

    ·Start with doing something small concerning your goal.

    ·Start your day with a conscious manifesting routine. Make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes in the morning focusing on what you truly want to manifest.

    Apart from inner clutter, the clutter around our living space has a strong impact on our thought and focus. According to Feng-Shui principles, too much clutter limits the amount of space for developing new ideas and nurturing relationships. Spring cleaning is an ideal time for massive clutter, but throwing out clutter should be done all year round. Holding unto things of sentimental value is one significant reason why people do not move forward with their goals.

    When we remove things from our homes that are no longer necessary or meaningful in our lives, we gain better vision, focus and clarity in our thoughts. In reality, we let go of the past when we let go of things that no longer have significance in our life and in turn we open the door for new opportunities to come in and allow our lives to flow better by removing obstacles.

    Motivation is the powerful engine that moves you towards success and accomplishments in every area hence by following the above you would be able to focus your energies and create the right environment thro good Fengshui.

    To ensure Fengshui assists you in your dream pursuits, follow certain basic guidelines. In the philosophy of Feng Shui philosophy, chi is influenced by everything concrete in our lives. Our possessions and where they are located can all affect chi energy. Even the layout of our homes and offices affects chi energy. By adding and taking away objects, changing the positioning of furniture, plants, wall art, and more, we can increase our good luck.

    ·Paintings of plants can also encourage healing energies.

    ·Place a Water Bamboo with 9 stalks to increase good luck.

    ·Dragons symbolize power so placing it as a figurine or art will enhance the good luck.

    ·Quartz crystals generate their own positive energy and attract good luck. This energy can diffuse negative energy in a room

    To arrange things in your home, to promote good health, think about adding water features to your rooms. Water contains healing power and water in a room will also help cleanse the atmosphere.

    Anything towards the East of your home - the East sector - will have influence over the health of its occupants. Therefore, in order to improve the well-being of your family, keep freshly cut flowers or large round-leafed plants here and keep this sector clutter free.

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