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SF County Sheriff Candidate Chris Cunnie Gains Support

San Francisco County Sheriff candidate Chris Cunnie (center)
  • BURLINGAME, Calif., United States

    The Ram family hosted a fundraiser for San Francisco County Sheriff candidate Chris Cunnie at the Roti Indian Bistro here Oct. 23 that attracted more than 50 Indian Americans who reportedly contributed generously to his campaign.

    Cunnie, who grew up in San Francisco’s Mission District, is the son of a San Francisco firefighter and a mother who worked for the labor council. He is a twice-decorated, 30-year veteran police officer who served not only as head of the Police Officers Association but also as head of Emergency Communications under Mayor Gavin Newsom and of investigations under then District Attorney Kamala Harris.

    “I am the right person at the right time for this job,” Cunnie, who acknowledged his close relationship with Attorney General Harris, told his supporters. “I have worked in the jails, worked on the streets, worked in the treatment community to provide services to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, and worked in Sacramento to coordinate statewide public safety efforts.”

    In his welcome address, Jack Ram spoke about the importance of electing a strong person to San Francisco’s sheriff's office. Paul Ram stressed the need for safe neighborhoods in San Francisco. He also mentioned the importance of safety for business owners.

    Others who spoke at the event included San Mateo County attorney Ashwini Bhakhri, local real estate broker Tim Gilmartin, Balbir Singh of the Fairfield Sikh Temple and Roti Indian Bistro owner Sunil Arora.

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