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‘R…Rajkumar’ Stars Host Lively Music Release

(From l-r) Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva and Sonu Sood perform a song from “R…Rajkumar” at the music launch of the forthcoming film in Mumbai Nov. 6.
  • MUMBAI, India

    The media asked endless flippant questions, one of which ruffled the otherwise cool and upbeat mood of Shahid Kapoor. The music launch of “R…Rajkumar,” produced by Eros International and NextGen Films (Vicky Rajani), was full of masala like the film itself.

    For starters, the emcees of the ceremony, Mukul Dev and Asrani, were in the getups they have in the film. The music launch revisited the great era of music releases that were like full-fledged events, with live (and lively!) enactment of portions of most songs and the audiovisual of one song, “Mat Maari.” Kapoor, leading lady Sonakshi Sinha and Sonu Sood, who plays the villain, performed their respective songs.

    Composer Pritam (“I was emotionally blackmailed into coming!” he smiled and revealed to India-West later) said that he was thrilled to work with a combo as deadly in dance as Prabhudeva and Kapoor.

    We asked Kapoor how he felt about working for the Prabhudeva school that is so different from his and he grinned and said, “And what a difference! I just did what Prabhu-sir told me to — he would say, ‘See!’ and I was like ‘Ohhhh!’ and then he would dance and simply say ‘Do!’”

    Though we missed the lyricists and singers at the event, Prabhudeva obliged by dancing frequently and stating gently, “Main accha aadmi hoon (I am a good man),” when asked if there was any “Gandi Baat” (the name of one of the songs) about him. Clearly it wasn’t confession time as Kapoor, Sinha and Sood all replied in variants of the same to this frivolous question!

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