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Keeping Americans Debt Free: Isra Hashmi

Isra Hashmi, Founder and Blogger at thefrugalette.com (Cambridge, MA)

  • Keeping Americans Debt Free

    Isra Hashmi

    Founder and Blogger at thefrugalette.com (Cambridge, MA)


    Isra Hashmi, better known as The Frugalette, founded thefrugalette.com which is a nationally syndicated blog on easy ways to save money.  Hashmi is originally from Hyderabad and currently resides in Cambridge, Mass., with her husband and three young children. She is a big city girl who cut up all her credit cards and gave up fancy for frugal over three years ago when she found herself drowning in debt. Out of 15,000 entrants she became runner-up in a National Grocery Challenge competition sponsored by All You Magazine and soon after launched her popular blog: thefrugalette.com. 
    Thefrugalette.com is a content rich frugal lifestyle blog that focuses on easy ways to save money. As a nod to her Indian heritage, she made sure to add Indian paisleys into her blog design. Within two months of her blog going live she was featured in a nationally syndicated magazine, on the radio and on "The Anderson Cooper Talk Show," all for her money-saving, debt-reducing tips. Isra's frugal recipes and advice have also been featured on mint.com and bankrate.com. 
    She is most proud of getting her family out of debt. She really wanted to stay home and raise her children, but living in an expensive city like Boston with their debt at the time, it didn't seem possible. It was a lot of sacrifice and effort, but they were able to do it on one, albeit small, income.
    Her influence has been her children. This frugal maven explains, “My kids definitely influence and inspire me to be a better person. They were my motivation for getting out of debt. I didn't want to pass our debt to them. I wanted them to learn to live below their means and find happiness in other ways besides material things. My readers also inspire me. I get emails thanking me for being open about our financial struggles and trying to pinch pennies. These are considered taboo subjects in the Indian culture and in this economy it's important we support each other and talk openly about what we can and can't afford.”
    But don’t be fooled by her frugal title, Hashmi has some five star tastes too. “I own a very old, pre-owned Louis Vuitton messenger bag that I adore. I saved for a long time and bought one used. The strap is practically falling apart at this point, but it's all mine and I bought it with cash, not credit,” beams this thrifty mother of three.
    While congress is off trying to save the economy through policy, Isra Hashmi is trying to make a real impact in homes across America every day. Maybe we should be asking her for advice on ending our national debt!
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